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What We Do Differently
Minimal Ingredients

No Antibiotics, No Artificial Flavoring, Minimal Levels of Sodium.

Natural Oven Browning

Unique browning process that gives each turkey a natural homecooked appearance.

Full Product Tracking

Technology that allows us to carefully monitor the quality, progression & safety of each item.

Comprehensive Quality Control

Quality control to assure that all products and batches meet our high standards.

Hands on Management

Hands on owner/management team.

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We Create

Organic & Natural Products That

  • Are Antibiotic Free.
    Are Naturally Browned. NO artificial or Paprika coating.
    Contain Low to NO fat.
    Are only Whole Muscles. NO filler added in.
    Have Low to NO sodium.
    We Cook. There is NO sub-contracting.

Our Food Safety & Quality Standards.

1. State of Art Plant that is SQF and Organic Certified.

2. Top End Processing Equipment that is Computer driven and monitored.

3. Computer based Quality and Food Safety System that manages quality throughout process as well as QA checks that are computer driven.

4. All products are either Post Pasteurized or High Pressure Pasteurized before being shipped to you location.

5. Extensive Quality and Food Safety Staff Training in HACCP, SQF, Organic and Food safety standards.

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We would love the opportunity to build you a Premier Private label or help you create an Organic or Antibiotic Free Deli line

Email - JAmos38@cs.com

Phone - 315-345-1076

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