We take great pride in providing the best Organic and Natural Turkey, Chicken, Beef and Pork deli products. We believe that our line of deli products is the best tasting, has the best appearance, most natural and safest available on the market. This has been accomplished by a dedicated and specialized hands-on management team.

Our Director of Marketing has spent his 35 plus year career developing only the best quality deli items. His extensive experience includes all phases of production and marketing for the top end markets.

Our Plant Manager has spent 10 years with Emil’s, emphasizing the careful hands–on approach to production that ensures customer satisfaction.

As President/CEO of the company, I set the standards for hard work, ethical business practices and the strong desire to produce only the best products available. With a Midwestern upbringing and over 30 years in the Deli business, it has become my personal goal to deliver the best products each and every day.

In order to make the best tasting products we have gone back to the basics. We use less salt, less added water and no fillers. Producing in this manner increases our costs, but the result are deli items that are natural in appearance and taste.

In today’s market, eye and taste appeal are both important to the consumer. We hand apply our rubs to ensure proper dispersion of herbs and spices that will enhance the flavor of our slow cooked products. After cooking we remove the product from the cooking bag. This eliminates excess moisture held in by the bag. Our products are then naturally browned in high temp browning oven – not dipped in a coloring agent to improve appearance. This produces a product that looks like you just pulled it from the oven – we did!

Today’s consumer wants to know their family is eating safe food. Our extensive cleaning and sanitizing procedures are validated by extensive testing and audit programs. We have enhanced this safety program by adding either Post - Pasteurizing process or High Pressure Pasteurization to our packaged products. This is an extra step for safety. We never hesitate to go the extra mile for our customers. We hope you enjoy your visit to our web site and it enhances your understanding of our products.

For the Emils Staff

Ron Ramstad

Divider Background

Emils History

Where it all started

Emil, the son of Polish immigrants, came up with the concept of the cooked turkey breast when he served as a ship’s cook for the Merchant Marines. Emil discovered how to increase the yield of turkey meat by boning the breast and cooking them. He later refined his ideas by folding two raw breasts together, seasoning them, and oven roasting them in foil.

Emil then set out to sell his product, using his father’s basement to make his first commercial samples in 1948. Howard Johnson soon became his first account, to be followed by Woolworth and Marriott. By 1979, Emil grew Northwestern Foods into the largest turkey breast manufacturer in the country.

After selling the company in 1979, Emil saw a big change in the quality of turkey products. In 1987 Emil decided to go back into business and reintroduce the high quality oven roasted turkey breast he made popular 40 years earlier. He established a processing facility in Philadelphia, PA and the company continues to build on his history of excellence. At Emil’s, we proudly continue his tradition by providing our customers with the highest quality line of Organic, and Natural deli products available.