Less is Best - Emils Turkey

    We Believe Less is Best When it Comes to Ingredients

  • Little to NO Sodium added.

  • We use Fewer Ingredients.
  • No water holding ingredients like carrageen
  • No Potato Starchs
  • No Diacetates or Lactates

  • Meats are Raised from Birth Without the use of Antibiotics and are Totally Vegetarian Fed.

  • All Whole Muscle. No Emulsions or Rework Used.

Home Cooked Meal Emils Organic and Natural Turkey
  • Looks and Tastes Like you Just Cooked it at Home

    • Natural browning to give you the flavor and look of the traditional Thanksgiving turkey

    • NO Carmel coating

    • NO Paprika coating to replicate browning

  • Emils Organic and Natural Deli Meat Computer Monitor

We Follow Every Step Electronically

  • This process starts at receiving the approved ingredients.
  • Only the best ingredients are used and this is verified by our scanning system that will only allow approved ingredients into the facility. All direct food contact ingredients and products go through this process each and every day.

  • Continues Along with the Validation of all Checks and Balances
  • We have designed a system that electronically requires multiple quality checks at each and every stage of the process. Unless validated by the appropriate person, the system will not allow any of the processes to continue. Also throughout the processing process, QA is checking 100’s of items to insure the quality for each and every product. This is recorded live on a portable computer tablet that will issue emails if corrective actions are required.

  • Finishes with a Quality Yield Testing in 2 Locations
  • Each batch goes through a computer montoring system that verifies that the product has attained the quality standards set by the company. This occurs at several locations to achieve as higher standard for each batch. Each Staff person are also trained to report any quality deviations that could possibly occurs.

Emils Team Working
  • A Highly Trained Team

    • HACCP and SQF trained
    • All QA staff
    • All Staff trained in SSOP, Food safety practices & participates in Daily, Weekly & monthly on going training

    • QA computer table system
    • Over 300 daily checks that automatically notify the appropriate person if corrective action is required

Hands on Management Team

  • Working Supervisors and Managers

  • Hands on CEO/Owner - In the Plant Daily

  • We do all the formulation and cooking at our facility - No Sub-Contracting

Be The Best With The Best!

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