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    State of the Art Plant

  • Global Food Safety Certified (SQF)

  • Organic Food Certified

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  • Computer based QA controls

    • Only the Best equipment, monitored by computers

    • Consistent controls due to PLC management and monitoring

    • 100’s of Daily checks verified and alerts sent if any deviation should occur on hand held table

    • Every batch has systematic quality check. If any deviation should occur, process will reject and QA must verify

  • Emils Food Saftey

Food Safety is always our top priority

  • All of our presliced products are High Pressure Pasteurized and all of our Whole piece products are Post Lethality Treatment to assure you that your customers never have to worry about the food safety of our products

  • All production staff, QA department and CEO are trained in HACCP and SQF. Extensive Employee training is constantly updated.